The members of the Ohio XV Chapter of the Blue Knights' International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club invite you to consider joining the biggest (and the best) law enforcement motorcycle club in the world.  Membership is only open to sworn (full-time, part-time, reserve or honorably retired) Law Enforcement Officers that ride a personal motorcycle.

     Camaraderie is what the Blue Knights is all about: meeting fellow officers from near and far, and sharing the common bonds of our profession and recreational motorcycle riding as a hobby.  Variety is the spice of life:  some members have "boulevard cruisers" or collector's bikes, some are riding sport bikes, others have fully loaded "touring bikes", and we can't leave out our 3-wheel additions.  The bottom line is that we all love to ride.  Unlike some other motorcycle clubs, there are never any restrictions on the make, model or displacement of the bike you ride when you join the Blue Knights.
All law enforcement officers that ride a motorcycle are welcome!

     The Blue Knights are proud to have an untarnished reputation as law-abiding peace officers that are engaged in the safe pursuit of recreational motorcycling as a group. We are not a bunch of "outlaw biker wanna-be's" or a rigid riding club with mandatory meetings and required rides.  We ride together for the fun of riding.  We enjoy each other's company, and we can have a good time while obeying and upholding the law.  The Blue Knights is a family-oriented club where wives/husbands or girl/boyfriends and even your kids are encouraged to ride along, participate in events, and join in on the spirit of friendship and camaraderie!

     There are local chapters throughout Ohio. Our Ohio Chapter XV covers the Lake/Geauga County Region, however you don’t have to live in our region to join Ohio XV. You can write or e-mail the Blue Knights® International for information on chapters world-wide.

     If you want more information about the Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club membership requirements, please go to: Blue Knights® International - Membership.  You will find an application form at this link.  This form is the same used to apply for membership to Blue Knights Ohio XV, or you can download the form from this link - Membership Application.  Click the following link to email our chapter president, Ohio Chapter XV, for membership questions or assistance.
    Our chapter generally schedules a minimum of 1 chapter ride or meeting each month. We also have an annual Chapter Christmas Party and Annual Benefit Fundraising event. All rides and events are completely optional, although we look forward to your participation as often as possible in Chapter XV events and activities.
Please join your brothers and sisters in law enforcement who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for safe motorcycling!