Blue Knights OH XV
will not be holding our Annual Memorial Ride
to benefit
Camp Ho Mita Koda in 2018

The Blue Knight’s Ohio XV
28th Annual Mark Laccheo Memorial Ride
to Benefit Children with Diabetes

donated $3060 to Camp Ho Mita Koda
in 2017

Thanks to everyone who helped make this donatioin possible.

Knight's Lady 1 Piece Rocker Set

Customized Chapter Name
   1 pc. Knight's Lady Rocker Set is for those locations where 3 piece rocker sets are discouraged.

   This set comes as Knight's Lady shield shaped patch beautifully embroidered in detailed 12 color image. 

   Knight's Lady is embroidered in Olde English text along left edge, Knight's Lady Patch embroidered in center, and Customized Chapter Name embroidered in Olde English along the right edge.  Finished shield size H 8.25 in. x W 7.5 in.

Cost: $43.00 US                 Place order on our Sales page.